Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's here

Okay so yesterday I hyped myself up for 2014.

And here we are, now 2014.

Sadly Jeff and I started drinking a tad too early at our at home party for two, but I woke up JUST in time to get a New Years kiss from Jeff.

Now I'm trying to think of what I should do first…

Should I go work out? 

Should I sit here and think positive thoughts?

Or should I go all out and organize our house and do the laundry?

Oh the possibilities with new years resolutions!

But I think I'll just stay right here, in my cheetah blanket, and sip some coffee and start 2014 relaxed. Add in a little Rose Bowl parade and you have yourself a pretty bad ass start to the new year.

I hope everyone had a safe and bottle poppin' New Year!!


Allison said...

Good idea my friend! :) I had the same thoughts running through my head this morning, but for now I'm still in my pjs reading a book and catching up on blogging! Happy 2014!

ashleigh said...

i think that sounds wonderful.. i don't think you need to ALWAYS start on the first day. ;)

Corie said...

I think parties for 2 are the best kind ;)

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